The seals won the Ethereum network

The seals won the Ethereum network

Cute and cute kittens, captured the Ethereum network and currently responsible for 4% of all transactions in the network.

Platform for creating and working with smart contracts is the number one in the world that has the potential to transform not just one industry, the most widely used in the viral game about seals.

Game CryptoKitties, launched just a few days ago, namely November 28, now occupies the second place in the popularity rating in Ethereum. The goal of the game CryptoKitties is to get as many different cats (or rather their images), each of which has different attributes or “contribute”.

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These attributes are encoded in the virtual genome, and each cat has its own specific physical properties of the phenotype, depending on their genetic code, or genotype. This is very similar to a biology class in high school, but really it is. Game mechanics is completely consistent with what happens in real life. Well, almost.. in real life does not happen to raise a cat, a vampire, and it’s even better. Users “bred” kittens together to purchase new seals with different, and perhaps rare properties. There are four billion possible combinations.

Just like you can buy swords and armor in online games like World of Warcraft, rare kittens can be exchanged for real money. Prices reach $ 5,000 and this despite the fact that the game is only a few days.

However, in contrast to the virtual items in online games, which disappear when the game closes for any reason, the kittens will live forever. This is because, in fact, they are discrete tokens that exist in Ethereum, so even if the game developers will disappear, kittens players will remain.

Game developers insist that the hack system impossible. Technical architect Dieter Shirley says:

Economy CryptoKitties is fully decentralized and the development team is unable to manipulate it. Anyone in the team knows the algorithm of breeding, it is forbidden to play .

Despite all the “frivolous” nature of the project, it looks promising, and many experts believe this game is something that can make the blockchain and cryptocurrency popular among the masses because they engage players in a completely different way.

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