The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be supported BTC

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be supported BTC

In the network appeared new photo of Samsung Galaxy S10.

Gregory Blake and Ben Gaskin claim that leaked to the network image shows the keystore Samsung Blockchain, which will serve as a wallet for cryptocurrency, regardless of whether you’re transferring an existing wallet or create from scratch. Images show just what smartphone supports Ethereum. SamMobile noted that according to his sources is also expected to support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and ERC20.

In the pictures there is no common phone, the entire construct is visible only the front camera. It is also not clear whether the wallet for cryptocurrency to work on the first day of the beginning of sales of the smartphone, if it ever appears, of course. At least we won’t have to wait long. Samsung will introduce S10 on 20 February, and most likely he at least briefly mention Storechain KeyStore if it is ready to use.

Although it probably will not be the primary reason why people will buy S10, it’ll probably be an option for those who are investing in digital money.

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