The Saga with the launch of the EOS continues

The Saga with the launch of the EOS continues

The launch of the core network EOS is a giant experiment remote self-organization.

Tonight the project has made considerable progress and the project is now a step closer to the launch of the core network. Today candidates for the role of the validators or the “manufacturers of power” (a kind of miners in the network EOS), located in different parts of the world, voted for the launch of the core network.

EOS is a blockchain-based proof of the bet created Block.One, whose co-founder, Dan Larimer, previously participated in the creation of projects such as BitShares and Steem. The company raised $ 4 billion through the ICO, which took place during the year.

Nobody knew what will happen when the company will release its code (draft razrabatyvaetsya on the principle of open source).

When major came to an end, a group of organizations that claim to be producers of blocks formed ESTG Launch Group (EMLG). Still they managed to agree on a few things, and most importantly – they plan to launch a network for EOS (for some time there was a risk of the two networks).

More than 100 organizations-candidates took part in a remote meeting tonight. Approximately 45 minutes after the start of the meeting was a vote (nearly unanimous), in which it was decided to run a basic network.

In the next phase the work included the manufacturers of the blocks, after they will fulfill their part of the work, the main network again tested for about two days and only then will it become possible for the final run.

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