The sad experience of China: How centralization is killing society

The sad experience of China: How centralization is killing society

In one of the Chinese cities realized the worst symptoms of the dystopia of George Orwell. Shenzhen is an example of “a wonderful future” made its way to China. However, the future is very scary — here for each step of citizen watch dozens of cameras, and his whole personal life is visible thanks to modern payment systems.

The centralization of all

China is known for its high level of use of latest technology. Of the 2 billion smartphones around the world about two-thirds are in the pockets of ordinary Chinese.

These devices have a specific purpose — in China, the vast majority of phones used for cashless payments. On the streets of even small towns of the transaction taken as retail shops and homeless in the form of donations.

Until recently, the monitoring of payments has been completely in the hands of the Chinese. However, now the police can charge them with instant fines through WeChat Pay, which is the most popular social platform in China.

Want more cyberpunk? The decommissioning process involved a penalty the AI, which automatically recognizes the offending person on the street with cameras installed everywhere.

Under the hood

In Shenzhen the faces of those who are crossing the road in the wrong place, displayed on a huge LED-screens with the purpose of public shaming. Their personality can also be found on the official website of the police.

Cameras on the streets is not news for the city. Everything here is “under the hood”: in Futian district, the police managed to identify more than 14 thousand of violators of road rules in just a year. According to the head of the marketing Department of the company Intellifusion Wang juna undertaken before measures are still insufficient.

Crossing the road in the wrong place has long been a headache in China, small fines or warnings is not enough. However, using a combination of psychology and technology can achieve much more.

Big Brother

Since the start of the campaign with a public samirom the number of violators of traffic rules has decreased. Joon still insists on tougher measures. Now his company is cooperating with local police and social platforms WeChat and Weibo. Now for the transition in the wrong place will be charged an automatic penalty.

In addition, willful violators face a downgrade of the credit rating. This concept is called “pull payment”, and a potential intruder can’t prevent the debit from your account.

To escape from under the hood just enough to transfer most of its assets in Bitcoin. Now, however, even in developed cities of the world cryptocurrencies are accepted not everywhere.

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