The Russians created a fake wallet Electrum: How to identify a Scam and not to fall into the trap

The Russians created a fake wallet Electrum: How to identify a Scam and not to fall into the trap

Kriptonyte always been the target of criminals and hackers. This is a new form of money allows you to move them around the world without any obstacles, what makes the niche so popular among hackers. Right now, the ratings GitHub is gaining new Electrum wallet, which in reality is not what it claim to be.

Another fake crypto

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts and veterans know that not all programs on the Internet can be trusted. The community has repeatedly recorded many attempts to deceive the naive cryptonomicon by using fake purses, which are simply stealing the money. It seems that the trend is on the decline is not going to go. Recently there were reports about a new purse-a copy of Electrum, which is actively promoted on GitHub.

If someone does not know, Electrum is an open-source crypto code. The application code can be downloaded from GitHub. Savvy cyber criminals from Russia used this opportunity and created its own wallet, which quietly steal the money of users.

According to information NullTX, a fake web wallet is hosted on Russian hosting Exodus. The main difference from the original blast zone .one, while the real purse is running on the domain .org. It is likely that Russian hosting was hacked, but the problem may be much more serious. The repository in GitHub called “Electrvm” instead of “Electrum”, and this is a direct indication of a malicious intent.

Fortunately, Metamask, and EthAddrLookup already brought this host in the blacklist. As a result, most users will not be able to download a fake wallet.

Now that the secret is out, will be interesting to see how long will last this website and the wallet. Since fake domain was a few months ago and it still works, its complete elimination may require a little more time than expected. It should be noted that until now, information about the victims from the hands of fraudsters is no.

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