The Russian government has offered to “run” cryptologie in Crimea

The Russian government has offered to “run” cryptologie in Crimea

Given the status and position of the Peninsula, experts from the Association of developers and users of blockchain technology and products created on its basis, (RAKIB) in the Republic of Crimea offer to try the new technology right there .

This February 20 at the parliamentary hearings of the state Duma of the Russian Federation on the development of the digital economy in Russia, said the representative of the Association of Viktoriya Bilan:

“We look forward to introducing to the state Duma a draft law on digital assets, crowdfunding. In General, we support their content, understand the conservatism of the Bank of Russia (CBR) regarding the legalization of the appeal of crypto-currencies, but believe that using the status of Crimea as a special economic zone and given that the Peninsula is investment in cross-border blockade, it would be possible to “run” cryptologie within Crimean jurisdiction to test a new phenomenon. We are ready to provide all possible help in this matter.”

Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) introduced February 20, a road map with implementation plan and development of the state project “Crypto-Crimea”, concerning the digitization of the Peninsula, as well as to attract private investment in local projects through ICO. The project will be implemented through the creation of a centre for the development of blockchain technology. The working group should agree on the format of participation of the Crimea in the program of digitalization of the Russian economy as advanced pilot courts — “regulatory sandboxing”, as well as to formulate proposals on the organization of a special legal regime for FINTECH entrepreneurs who are interested in attracting direct private investment in the economy of the Crimea on the basis of the blockchain technology.

We will remind that on 25 January, the Ministry of Finance of Russia published the draft law “On digital of financial assets”, which regulates their production and circulation. The bill, in particular, defines the tokens that are produced to attract funding, and establishes the procedure for ICO, and defines and establishes the legal status of cryptocurrencies and their mining. However, the use of crypto-currencies as means of payment in territory of the Russian Federation is not supposed.

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