The reward per block for miners Ethereum will be reduced to 0.6 ETH

The reward per block for miners Ethereum will be reduced to 0.6 ETH

Ethereum has published specifications for the first phase of Friendly Finality Gadget Casper (Casper FFG), which is also known as the first version of the hybrid Protocol, which combines two algorithms: proof of work (Proof of Work PoW) and proof of rate (Proof of Stake PoS).

In this specification finally, there is evidence that the reward for miners in Ethereum will be reduced by approximately 80%, from 3 to 0.6 ETH for the block:

The proposed specification describes the first stage of the transition from proof of work to proof of the bet, called Casper.

In the specification, however, does not specify how much will be given to those who will ensure the performance of the network using the algorithm proof of the bet.

It is very likely that the total remuneration remains at the same level (at least for some time), but 2,4 ETH will be given to those who work in proof rates, and a 0.6 ETH will receive the miners.

It is unclear when it will come into force new rules. It is possible that after 6 April, when the scheduled weekly meeting of developers, would appear an estimated time when we can expect full implementation of the new rules.

Currently FFG Casper is implemented only for couples are not the most popular customers, one of which is pyethereum.

This makes it possible to “wet” testing, followed by testing for major customers Geth and Parity.

Afterwards, you’ll need some more tests, so the early deadline is the summer of 2018, and the most realistic end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.

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