The results of the survey: bitcoin, Amazon coin would demand

The results of the survey: bitcoin, Amazon coin would demand

According to the survey LendEDU, cryptocurrency released Amazon used to demand among the buyers of this store.

In total, the survey involved about 1,000 respondents, all of them within 30 days made at least one purchase in the store.

Slightly more than half of them (51,7%) have answered that with pleasure would use cryptocurrency released Amazon when making a purchase. Users Amazon Prime proved to be more loyal to the idea of creation and use of crypto-currencies, among them the idea was supported by 58.3 per cent. And only 22% were clearly against this idea.

Thus the question about how would you Bank account provided by Amazon to 44.5% responded positively, and 49.6% answered positively about the use of depositnow account.

All respondents were asked 17 questions about what other services, in their opinion, could offer Amazon: mortgages, life insurance and others.

In response to a General question about who they are more willing to trust their finances Amazon or traditional banks, about 61 percent said that Amazon gives them more credibility than traditional banks.

However, Amazon is far from plans to create its own cryptocurrency and only recently started working with blockchain technology, when in December last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has signed a contract with R3 to use the Corda platform.

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