The results Devcon4: What will surprise Ethereum 2.0, which is the day before told acne Buterin

The results Devcon4: What will surprise Ethereum 2.0, which is the day before told acne Buterin

31 Oct Creator Live acne Buterin told about the basic ideas behind Ethereum 2.0 update. He noted that he did not want to burden the audience Devcon4 unnecessary technical details of an upgrade. Instead, he focused on how future items on the roadmap Ethereum Foundation will affect the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies in General.

What will Ethereum 2.0

His speech Buterin started with a few inspirational lines.

“This [Ethereum 2.0] combination of several key properties, which we talked about previous years. We have actively conducted research, designed and built project infrastructure from scratch. Now we can finally launch the final phase of work on the update.”

A significant part of the report Vitalik was devoted to Proof-of-Stake, Casper and Constantinople. According to him, the efforts of the entire team are now thrown it on Casper, one of the key roles in the process of developing plays his colleague Vlad Zamfir. Recall that in wide circles Zamfir is often called the “face of Casper.”

Scalability problems too easy to solve this issue developers have focused on sharding and improve virtual machine Ethereum.

At the end Buterin added that the road to Proof-of-Stake began in 2014. Then in January, he published a post in his blog, where he talked about integrating the algorithm in your project. The algorithm is called Slasher and was built based on the code of the first PoS cryptocurrency.

It turns out that the story Ethereum could begin with Slasher — boy wanted to deal with integration algorithm before it, the cryptocurrency has become so popular. However, in Ethereum Foundation still refused PoS, since the strategy was more like an adventure. Now times have changed and PoS mining may dominate the cryptocurrency market of the future.

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