The reasons for the sharp increase in the price of Augur

The reasons for the sharp increase in the price of Augur

The price of a token Augur increased by more than 18% on Sunday to 35.25 U.S. dollars, over the past two weeks is the maximum price that failed to reach this token.

Peak price reached a value of at 42,39 USD. In just three hours the price increased by 35%.

The situation with the price on Augur is particularly impressive on the background of the overall situation in the cryptocurrency market. At the time of writing, only two cryptocurrencies of the top 40 were able to demonstrate growth of more than 20%, and the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is about 280,4 billion dollars, slightly lower than Saturday.

REP is currently at 37 in the ranking of cryptocurrencies, and the capitalization of the project rose to $ 400 million.

Capitalization Augur lower by $ 41 million, than it was just three months ago, but CoinMarketCap ranking, he managed to grow by 14 points.

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Trading volumes at the Augur for the last week also increased and amounted to approximately $ 55 million, while a week ago it amounted to only 3.5 million dollars.

The reasons for the increase in the price of Augur

Many analysts attribute the growth rates with the first payment, which happened on the platform after its launch. Total payments amounted to about US $ 20,000 and are sent to users. Co-founder of the Augur Joe Klug told the media that the next payout will be more.

The official launch of Augur on the Ethereum blockchain took place on 9 July after two years of beta. Many believe Augur the most complex, decentralized application in Ethereum.

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Despite the recent run, the Protocol Augur is already rolling out the updates, version 1.0.5 is out at 12:30 on Saturday. And in the near future it is expected version 1.0.6 with updates that include a fast sync, and some interface changes.

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