The price of Ignis increased by 35% after adding on Bitterex

The price of Ignis increased by 35% after adding on Bitterex

Despite the continued decline in the prices of almost all crypto-currencies, the price of token blockchain Ardor, Ignis grew by almost 35% Tuesday, January 30.

The next-generation blockchain

Selling tokens and airdrop Ardor of the project was completed in October 2017, the platform Ardor was launched as planned on 1 January 2018. Blockchain Ardor is a project of next generation, which allows to add child blackany. These child chains can have its unique functionality and at the same time have access to all the benefits of the parent blockchain Ardor.

Cryptocurrency and Economics

As a rule, the price of cryptocurrency is determined by a simple rule of supply and demand. The more tokens become available, the higher the demand, and this in turn leads to higher prices.

One of the most common ways of increasing accessibility is the token listing on the stock exchanges, especially in top markets. In fact the correlation is so strong, that in the world of cryptocurrency is turned into a kind of law. The appearance of tokens on the major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitterex, Poloniex, Changelly, Bitfinex and the other is considered a kind of mark of quality, especially for new and emerging cryptocurrencies.

The increase in the price of Ignis on cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex

Listing on Bitterex

Thus, the growth rates for the token Ignis, in connection with adding it to the exchange Bitterex, became another confirmation of this law. In most cases, the price increase is a short-term phenomenon, which provides a great opportunity for traders to capitalize. At the moment the price of this token is 0.5 USD.

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