The price of Ethereum crashes due to EOS?

The price of Ethereum crashes due to EOS?

Yesterday the price of Ethereum (ETH) fell sharply by nearly $ 100.

According to TrustNodes, the fall in the price of ETH, at least for Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, blame EOS.

Famous cryptocurrency enthusiast WhalePanda also believes that the fall in the price of ETH guilty of EOS:

Ethereum currently is trading around $ 525 US, and the fall per day amounted to 3.24%.

Earlier this month TrustNodes wrote that the EOS has spent about $ 950 million at ETH in the previous 30 days. Yesterday TrustNodes said that about 180.000 ETH was sold in one hour Bitfinex. Normal volumes for this cryptocurrency on the exchange Bitfinex, as well as on other exchanges, for example, GDAX and OKEx fluctuate around 20.000 ETH in an hour.

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TrustNodes assumes that EOS had initiated such a large sales and ETH note that the EOS has spent $ 1 million to ETH, four days ago, and yesterday increased to $ 1.4 million.

Etherscan shows that the address EOscrowdsale is still about 200 .000 ETH, and the purse EOS is the Owner of approximately 916.000 together is more than 1.1 million ETH.

According to CoinMarketCap, on Bitfinex for the last 24 hours it was sold approximately 238 million U.S. dollars in ETH volume OKEx is less than half that amount, about 104 million U.S. dollars, and Huobi – approximately 98 million US dollars.

EOS, which will launch its primary network on 2 June, currently trading at $ 11, the decline was 9%.

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