The price of electricity for miners in the state of new York will grow

The price of electricity for miners in the state of new York will grow

Electricity prices for miners in new York state most likely will grow after the next decision of the local regulator of utilities.

In its ruling, the relevant Commission of the state of new York, said that since March, the energy company can raise the price of their services to mining companies.

The Commission will enable municipal energy companies to create a new tariff, aimed at consumers with a high load, which are not intended to aid in economic development and demands exceeding 300 kW, and the power consumption per square meter higher than normal businesses.

The decision was rendered as a result of the application submitted by the new York municipal energy Agency (NYMPA), a body comprised of 36 municipal energy suppliers in the state of new York. They fear that strong demand from mining companies may cause higher prices for public services for local residents.

NYMPA States that, although some mining enterprises in some areas consume up to 33% of all electricity generated, they practically do not create jobs and do not invest in the local community and their activities.

This is not the first incident associated with the miners and their energy needs, which was recorded in the region.

In the city of Plattsburgh, which is also included in the jurisdiction of the NYMPA, is currently discussing the decision to impose a moratorium on the registration of new mining enterprises in the region for a period of 18 months.

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