The price of bitcoin exceeded $ 9000

The price of bitcoin exceeded $ 9000

Today the price of bitcoin first exceeded $ 9000.

The main drivers of the price is interest from hedge funds, waiting for bitcoin futures and increased interest among the masses of consumers.

Ironically, many of the forum regulars /r/BitcoinMarkets expected that the price of output will fall – in America this weekend gets a major holiday – thanksgiving and is traditionally the period of large discounts in all shops and banks on the contrary do not work. However, over the past week the price has consolidated in the area of 8,000 dollars. Twice fell below $7.800, but quickly bounced back.

Apparently, during Black Friday people bought not only the TV and other electronics, but cryptocurrency. Yesterday, the price started to grow, or more precisely continued, and today she overcame the next major psychological barrier at $ 9000. The maximum average price for free the number one for the past day amounted to 9.103 USD (according

What’s next?

Despite the fact that many of the financial analysts still believe bitcoin is a bubble, yet there are no signs of a sharp reversal of the trend.

The next major obstacle, and perhaps the biggest psychological barrier is the mark of 10.000 dollars. However, if you look at the total value of bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash it will be seen that this mark has already been passed, so that for the present bitcoin this obstacle may not be so difficult as people think.

Many, even of those analysts who usually are pessimistic, such as Tom Lee, founder of Fundstrat prone to optimistic forecasts. Lee said recently that he estimated the price of bitcoin will soon reach 14,000 dollars. He believes that short fall that followed the abolition of SegWit2x was caused by the uncertainty of new investors. At the time of publikatsii article the price of bitcoin according is 9.017, and the growth in the last 24 hours was 7%.

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