The President of Venezuela announced the Petro presale of cryptocurrency, and presented a white paper project

The President of Venezuela announced the Petro presale of cryptocurrency, and presented a white paper project

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the beginning of the pre-sale of the national oil Petro cryptocurrency. He also presented and signed a formal “white paper” the future of the token and showed “Container Petro”, designed for mining of new cryptocurrencies.

On Tuesday at a meeting of the Council of Ministers, Maduro announced that the Venezuelan national presale cryptocurrency Petro will start on February 20.

The President said:

“We’ve reached the future. Venezuela promoted as an economically prosperous state”.

According to Maduro, presale Petro will be implemented through the dissemination ERC20-tokens.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers, which Maduro announced the presale of cryptocurrency Petro

He said for this reason:

“Venezuela lead the world, and we intend to accelerate the process of launching a cryptocurrency Petro”.

Along with the announcement of pre-sale Petro, Maduro presented and signed a technical document for the future of the cryptocurrency, which describes in detail the functions, vision and the working conditions of the token.

Maduro represents and signed a “white paper” token Petro

Despite the fact that many Venezuelans in social networks expressed a desire to see the document at the time of release of news to the public “white paper” has not appeared.

Even before the official Declaration, in some mass media there was information supposedly from a “white paper” Petro, however, the government of Maduro, the authenticity of these data have denied.

In addition, Maduro announced his intention to “accelerate the launch of cryptocurrency and mining-farms with Container Petro” presented by him at the meeting.

Maduro represents the Container of Petro. Shows the inside and outside

Maduro added:

“All savings banks of the country will be able to have a mining farm and participate in the creation of the token”.

For the first time Venezuela announced the creation of Petro in the beginning of December. Soon Maduro has appointed Carlos Vargos Manager for the cryptocurrency. He then reinforced the new cryptocurrency 5 million barrels of oil and announced the issue of 100 million tokens.

In response to this, the Parliament of Venezuela announced that cryptocurrency Petro illegal and can’t be backed by oil. Contrary to the decision of the officials, the President tried to convince 10 other countries to join the project Petro, and also offered a 60% discount to the first investors.

On Tuesday at the meeting Maduro said:

“We received optimistic comments from cryptocurrency experts around the world.”

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