The power of memes: Dogecoin is the most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum

The power of memes: Dogecoin is the most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum

Dogecoin is often considered a joke in cryptocommunist, as all cryptocurrency is based only on the meme. However, the comic project has managed to survive hundreds of serious, major and ambitious ICO. While DOGE use quite often because of the high transaction speed and low fees.

By the way, this year’s coin has become especially popular among traders and investors. According to the statistics, the issue of the number of active addresses DOGE is second only to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Kryptospace save the world

Canadian researcher Kevin Hand recently published in his Twitter interesting data about aldone. It turns out that for the last day in the Dogecoin network anyway showed the activity of more than 73 000 purses. For comparison: the same figure from Bitcon equals 536 738 locations, Ethereum — 235 004.

The current level of activity Dogecoin above the average December 2017. In other words, DOGE is used more often on the background of a bear market. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg — the cryptocurrency is constantly hitting new records for the total value of the transaction for 24 hours.

For the last day in DOGE coins delivered about 264 million dollars. The Ethereum performance is almost two times lower — a total of 163 million dollars.

We will remind, earlier the Hands were already engaged in a detailed analysis of the work of the Dogecoin network. In September he published statistics according to which the throughput of the cryptocurrency three times higher than Bitcoin Cash and eight times the bandwidth of Litecoin.

In the early fall of Dogecoin is also pleased their investors eye-popping growth. Just a couple of days the value of the coins rose by 83 percent. The reason for such a sharp price jump was the Ethereum partnership, and DOGE to create a new product Dogethereum.

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