The postal and telecommunications of Ukraine stopped the activities of a network of fake cryptocurrency of sites exchangers

The postal and telecommunications of Ukraine stopped the activities of a network of fake cryptocurrency of sites exchangers

Ukrainian cyber police uncovered network of fake sites-the exchange of cryptocurrency, by which the swindlers deceive users and thus possessed their means. In the organization of the network sites suspected 4 people, and the entire network has about six sites.

Police in search of a new fake exchange

Employees of police have exposed an organized group of fraudsters who have created a network of fake online exchange, which offered services for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

“The criminal group consisted of four people [ … ] with special knowledge and programming skills”, – said the press service of NPU. They have developed their own CMS system to manage these sites. The platform simulated the activity of conventional online cryptocurrency exchange, and worked with multiple currencies, and at the sites posted fake positive reviews.

The victims were asked to transfer money to digital wallets, was forged identification documents in the names of fictitious foreign nationals. Fraudsters have closed such sites after a while and getting some amount of money and then opened a new one.

The police managed to identify six of these fake sites:,,, and Most of them currently do not work. Investigators believe that these sites really more, therefore, appealed to the citizens with the request to report suspicious platforms at [email protected]

Three of the suspects aged 20 to 26 years participated in the work of these pseudo-sites. All of them are residents of the city of Dnipropetrovsk. The police instituted criminal proceedings against them in accordance with section 3 of article 190 (Fraud) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

At the place of residence of suspects have already been searched as a result of which law enforcement seized computer equipment, including flash drives, as well as Bank cards and mobile phones that were used by the scammers. The extent of the damage caused by the activity of this group is not precisely defined.

Cryptocurrency in Ukraine

Over the last couple of years Ukraine has significantly increased the interest in the cryptocurrency. The daily turnover in the three largest Ukrainian exchanges Exmo, Kuna and BTC Trade UA is 1.9-2 million US dollars (about 700 million USD per year). However, overall turnover is likely even higher, as in Ukraine there are about 20 platforms for the exchange of cryptocurrency, as well as several thousands of traders that provide services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, both online and offline.

A recent study showed that 72 percent of Internet-savvy Ukrainians know what a cryptocurrency, and another 23 percent heard about them. At least 13 percent of those who use the Internet, invested in the cryptocurrency. A number of Ukrainian officials declared in their tax returns about their digital assets.

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