The Polish Central Bank secretly funding anti-crypto campaign on Youtube

The Polish Central Bank secretly funding anti-crypto campaign on Youtube

As reported by Polish news portal Poland’s Central Bank admitted to funding anti-cryptocurrency social network campaigns, in particular, Polish utuber Marcin Dubiel and video that appeared in December 2017 under the title “I LOST ALL the MONEY?!”

Campaign in social networks against cryptocurrency was held by the Central Bank of Poland, together with Gamellon, Polish partner of Youtube, Google and Facebook Ireland Limited Ireland Limited. The value of the company amounted to approximately 91.000 PLN (about 27,000 USD). reports that the movie’s Central Bank also appeared on the channel Planeta Faktów on Youtube, which has over 1.5 million subscribers. Channel Yubube Dobies more than 900,000 subscribers.

In the video Dubies no mention of the fact that the movie and its publication are sponsored content. In the story, the main character of the movie, a young man who invests all their savings in the cryptocurrency, and as a result loses everything. In the final of the video the young man can’t even pay for lunch at the restaurant with his girlfriend. The video managed to gather more than 500,000 views.

The video description contains the hashtag #uważajnakryptowaluty. The joint website of the Polish financial supervision authority and the Central Bank of Poland, devoted to the risks of investing in cryptocurrency has the same name.

After February 2017 in Poland officially recognized as a cryptocurrency trading and mining, the country is not mentioned in the cryptocurrency journals. However, after the Venezuelan President announced the launch of a national cryptocurrency, according to some source, Poland is one of the foreign investors interested in this project.

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