The official Chinese rating cryptocurrency again presented a surprise

The official Chinese rating cryptocurrency again presented a surprise

China released its monthly ranking of cryptocurrencies.

Project EOS still holds the first place. Ethereum goes behind him and in third place again a surprise.

In the past, ranking in third place, suddenly all appeared the Komodo project. But just a month later, the project dropped to 8th place. Now, the third place is the project of BitShares, who was overcome by just 9 points.

BitShares is open-source, public-based blockchain, financing platform, real-time. It provides a decentralized asset exchange, like the NYSE but for cryptocurrency without having to trust a centralized Fund. BitShares is provided by the cryptocurrency “BTS”, which is used to pay for online activity and or collateral.

This platform was designed by American computer programmer and entrepreneur Dan Larimer, who also participated in the creation of project Steem, and launched in July 2014.

Among other significant changes worth noting Bitcoin, which fell as much as 16 position at the 10th place which he held in the previous ranking.

Recall that the rating is a government Agency under the Ministry of information technology of China and it evaluates first and foremost the technological component of the project.

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