The Norwegian mining company threaten to blow up because of the noise of the equipment

The Norwegian mining company threaten to blow up because of the noise of the equipment

It seems that the cryptocurrency revolution is not so welcome in Norway, and especially in a remote part of the country where one of the mining companies even threatened to send a bomb if she did not cease their noisy activities.

According to the newspaper Vakdalposten, a mining company called Kryptovault, whose farm is located in the towns of Follum, Hønefoss and Dale, on Saturday received an anonymous threat. It is noteworthy that the letter came after a local newspaper published an article covering the Kryptovault.

Managing Director Kryptovault, Hermund Haeseler, told the local newspaper Ringerikes Blad about the incident, noting that after receiving threats, the police was informed immediately. Pagesetter also asked its employees to be vigilant in relation to their duties:

“The threat was reported to the police, which is also very serious about this issue. We asked the police to assess whether to take any further action. Object Volume is located in a fenced area, so an attacker will find it difficult to access the farm, but one that is in the Dale, much more affordable, so we urged everyone to be alert”

In another interview for Vakdalsposten, Hermund Pagesetter acknowledged that residents Generose and Dale was some conflict regarding mining-farms.

So, what is written in the anonymous letter with the threat:

“What you are doing — sabotage. You expand a mining farm and filled the country with noise, thereby sabotaging you world. I threatened to send you some bombs.”

Staff Kryptovault at the dal must evacuate immediately in case of any abnormal activity that occurs. With regard to the object in Volume, it is known that it employs about ten employees.

Kryptovault does cloud mining, renting out their capacities and providing working computers Minami cryptocurrencies.

Police investigator Hønefoss Lisbeth Edvardsen said that the local police is investigating the matter and assess whether to take further action.

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