The new version of the Shellbot malware is able to disable the miners

The new version of the Shellbot malware is able to disable the miners

Malicious software cryptogamia called Shellbot got an update — this report TechCrunch reporters. Information about the virus with them shared Agency cybersecurity Threat Stack. According to experts, in Shellbot has a new feature that supposedly can cause serious harm to the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Recall, hidden production of digital assets on the victim’s computer has become a major trend among hackers in 2018. The situation is deplorable — in December, Kaspersky Lab found that the number of incidents cryptogamia reached a record value in months. To avoid becoming the next target for fraudsters, follow the basic safety standards.

Hackers attack again

For the first time on the Internet Shellbot appeared in 2005. The first version was intended for the brute force of remote access services on Linux. Then Shellbot switched to hidden mining Monero. Threat Stack experts claim that the latest version is able to spread through the infected network and disable other miners on the same machines.

At Threat Stack identified Shellbot on one of the Linux servers of the company from the United States. The name of the company it was decided to hide. Unfortunately, experts have not yet come to a final conclusion about ways of spreading the virus.

According to preliminary calculations, the malware brings at least 300 dollars a day to their Creator. He manages Shellbot by teams on one of the IRC servers. The amount of “earnings” hacker grows as the infection of new computer networks.

While the virus may be other applications. Hackers can use this malware to theft, extortion, or destruction of personal data.

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