The new policy banks stimulates becconsall

The new policy banks stimulates becconsall

The international financial system is collapsing. Globalization has United the economies of the countries in a single network of mutually assured destruction. Banks, seeking to preventive measures and new solutions, mitigating future impacts, changing their working conditions.

For example, Visa announced a sharp increase in commissions for commercial banks. Despite the fact that it does not directly impact on the consumers, the new policy will increase costs of commercial banks, including JPMorgan and Citibank, transaction processing Visa.

Usually when you increase commissions banks broadcast their merchants, as they do not want to reduce their own profit. Because margin traders, usually low, they raise prices for consumers. The usual chain of capitalist relations.

Recently there was similar news that the international monetary Fund (IMF) analyzes the possible ways of lowering interest rates below zero. In other words, this means that consumers will pay for the storage of money in the Bank. The purpose of this step is to bring liquidity to the market, making depositing money at the Bank expensive.

The most likely of the proposed methods was to create a double currency, which reduces the total cash in the market. Electronic media may be monitored by changes in interest rates, cash — no. Removing cash from the system, Central banks can unilaterally control the amount of interest charged.

Both initiatives show that the movement of the world financial market aimed at increasing consumer spending. Regardless of whether you use Visa or continue to keep money in the Bank, the global financial crisis will affect the wallets of consumers.

Due to the fact that the market tends to charge all consumers in new ways, they were pushing the use of bitcoin payments.

It is noteworthy, that the fee for a bitcoin transaction is defined mathematically, not randomly. In addition, coins can be kept forever without any fees.

Because the existing banking system continues to collapse, the owners of Bitcoin appears fantastic opportunity to quietly observe the changes in the market. Having the value and liquidity, Bitcoin protects its owners from negative impacts.

  1. First, Bitcoin is not affected by inflation. Regardless of the rocking of the market Bitcoin is a decentralized, limited issue currency.
  2. Second, holders of bitcoins protected from market policies against consumers. The increase in fees and negative interest rates can not affect digital gold.

In other words, the happy owners of BTC can calmly look at how collapsing banks created a house of cards.

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