The new ideology of cryptocurrency anarchistische-programmer Amir Taak

The new ideology of cryptocurrency anarchistische-programmer Amir Taak

Amir Taak, a British software developer and project open-source, in particular related to Bitcoin, wants to hire five developers, “preferably women” and to “quasi-monastic” way of life, to resurrect the true idea behind the creation of Bitcoin.

In an interview with the American magazine Wired Taak, who is known among the technical community Bitcoin as a Central figure in preserving the original values of cryptocurrency, said he has plans to use the “monks of hackers” to influence political change and achieve social change. It is expected that the first phase will be implemented support for autonomy in Catalonia.

“The project can be considered as start-accelerator only politicized. And the incentive is not profit, but social change.”

From September 2015 Taak spent several months fighting with ISIS terrorists in Kurdish-controlled Autonomous part of Northern Syria, before he engaged in social reconstruction, acquainting residents with the Bitcoin .

The revival of the spirit of Bitcoin is one step on the path to a “complete collapse of the global state system,” said Taak.

“All the original idea of Bitcoin is about decentralization, the creation of a new form of economy has faded into the background. Now it’s just a small community, obsessed with price jumps of digital currency”.

Five potential hackers, which should ideally be “young women” (for reasons of “gender equality”), are not required to have technical expertise, but be ready to learn and work for free in the house with Taak in Catalonia.

Amir Taak is the author of the idea of the format of proposals to improve the Protocol Bitkata BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) and libraries for working with bitcoin. And the world of cryptocurrency it is known as the developer of Dark Wallet.

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