The new architecture of quantum chips can threaten the security of the blockchain?

The new architecture of quantum chips can threaten the security of the blockchain?

Quantum computers, which is rather a theoretical concept than practical, in the future will be able to calculate such complex mathematical models, which are still very long will not handle even the most powerful modern supercomputers. Scientists are constantly working on creating quantum computing systems. Recently, a group of researchers at the University of New South Wales (University of New South Wales) unable to open architectural structure, a crucial number of stability issues faced by specialists in quantum computing. About this, the scientists wrote in his recent report on the website Science Alert.

The new architecture, which in its importance is matched by the author with landing a man on the moon, uses the existing processors so that each spin qubit remains stable and interacts with those around him.

By building a network of silicon transistors to control the spin and ensure the interaction of each qubit (the building blocks of a quantum computer), the researchers achieved stabilization of the interaction between them, which was until now a sore subject in quantum computer technology. Author Menno Waldhorst, said:

“Choosing electrodes on the qubit, we can control the spin of a qubit which includes a quantum binary code is 0 or 1. But Choosing electrodes between qubits, it is possible to achieve logical interaction or computation between two qubits”.

Although the researchers do not stand still in advancing technology, the authors concluded that still a lot of work before this technology will bring commercial benefits.

Quantum security of the blockchain

The creation of quantum computer systems can lead to a qualitatively new level of many areas of science, including chemistry, biology, materials science, etc. However, according to researchers at Carnegie – Mellon University (Carnegie Mellon), quantum computing could theoretically be used to pass through the encryption mechanism blockchain technology that can jeopardize network security.

Nevertheless, threats related to quantum computing, while in the longer term, but because researchers still have time to make the encryption mechanism appropriate patches that cope with the risks of quantum computing.

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