The national Bank is nearing the launch of cryptography

The national Bank is nearing the launch of cryptography

Experts of the Ukrainian bitcoin Agency KUNA are working on a project to kryptografie, which to a certain extent interlinked with the National Bank of Ukraine.

In an interview with CryptoTime said the founder of the first bitcoin Agency in Eastern Europe and Ukraine KUNA Michael chobanian.

“Project kryptografie not affiliated with a national Bank, although for some reason I think I’m doing it for him. This is partly true. We are now trying to create a system – a lot of information at all levels of national cryptocurrencies,” he says.

The judge said that the project implementation is moving very slowly, because Ukraine is a very bureaucratic country.

“To waste time is not desirable so we took the initiative. Fully working on both technical and economic side. Then this experience will give to open source the national Bank, banks use on health”, – summed up the founder of bitcoin Agency.

Recall that in June 2017 the information appeared that the national Bank of Ukraine is considering the possibility of issuing electronic hryvnia on the basis of innovative technologies. In a press-service of the Governor also said: “In the framework of the project activities Cashless economy examines the possibility of using blockchain technologies to implement innovative, highly secure, efficient and flexible platform designed to meet the needs of the payment market in the country and to solve problematic issues in the sphere of non-cash turnover in Ukraine. Now the NBU is working on the possibility of creating such software and technological solutions.”

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