The most secure messenger on the blockchain

The most secure messenger on the blockchain

Today, every person on earth who has a smartphone, tablet or laptop is the user at least one instant messenger, and most of all – several. The number of active users the most popular instant messengers such as Facebook messenger or What’s App in 2017 exceeded one billion and continues to grow.

But how secure is the communication? A basic level of security provide all the messengers, but they all, one way or another, forced to obey the laws of the countries where their headquarters. And often it’s a disaster for their users, for example, after Viber have moved their servers to Russia, intelligence agencies to access the communications of users, it was even easier than getting access to SMS-correspondence. In many ways, this may explain the sharp increase in the popularity of the messengers who claim that they are safe, especially in countries with autocratic regimes. A vivid example – Telegram, although, by default, it is not so safe (for truly secure communication you must activate a secret chat) but at the expense of the reputation of its Creator, and a colourful marketing campaign, the number of users is growing at a fantastic pace. And even in the case of other instant messengers, which are not so popular, but much more secure, as for example, Signal, or Ring, of the developers remains a certain amount of control over the actions and messages of users.


The creators are ADAMANT decided to approach the problem of creating a secure messenger radically. That is why the work of the messenger uses the blockchain, where are stored all the messages and the source code for the messenger data transfer Protocol and the blockchain are open for wide access.

In addition, due to the unprecedented level of anonymity, which can provide blockchain technology, ADAMANT Messenger (in contrast to the centralized instant messengers) does not bind the chat history with any particular person, because initially not bound to any data. To create account need neither phone number nor email address or profile in social networks. The only identifier is a wallet that is completely anonymous.

In order to function properly ADAMANTу don’t need access to your address book, location, camera, or other personal data. And if the messenger can’t access them, he won’t be able to transfer them. In ADAMANT no one has access to the message history of the users (even developers), as the whole message is encrypted directly on the sender’s device and then decrypted at the receiver side.

The message history is loaded directly from the blockchain, it is no longer stored on the device. ADAMANT also has access to your IP address, and your account, as the account of any other user, cannot be deleted, blocked, or in any way restricted by anyone, even developers!

All these features make ADAMANT the most secure and anonymous instant messenger on the market.

The table below presents a detailed comparison of functionality of different messengers.

It should be noted that ADAMANT has no plans to completely displace from the market other instant messengers, but will look for your audience, for which it is important to optimize the combination of absolute safety with ease of use.

Transactions in the network ADAMANT

Almost every activity in the network ADAMANT (sending a message, sending a token, update the profile and others) is a transaction. In order for this transaction to occur, you need to make a Commission for its execution. At the moment, for example, sending one message will cost you about 0,005 ADM and shipment of tokens to 0.5 ADM. However, the Commission is not fixed, the ADAMANT architecture is quite flexible and, if necessary, commissions can be changed.

Finished product

An important feature of the project is the fact that the product is ready to use. This is not a demo version and full messenger, which already has all the main functions: transmission of encrypted messages and notification of their receipt, Emoji support, setting your name (or nickname), a list of chat rooms, the storage and transmission of tokens, etc.

To use product can anyone – each new user is given 0,49 ADM to test the messenger. Perhaps the only drawback of the project at the moment is the lack of full versions for the Android and iOS platforms. Now messenger exists in the form of a web application, and although it can be used on mobile devices, specific applications for them yet. The creators of the project argue that the iOS version will be available in the second quarter of 2018, and in the 3rd quarter will be a version for Android.


The project is now conducting the ICO, which will consist of 4 stages and will last from 30.01.2018 for 30.03.2018. During the first stage, you can purchase tokens project for the best price – 0,002 ETH, by the end of the ICO price will increase to 0.005 ETH. During the ICO, the company plans to sell 73,500000 tokens. The project adopts the following cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, XMR, ETC, ZEC, LSK. The minimum threshold for investors does not exist, i.e. you can enter from any sum, and for the generous investors offer special bonuses of up to 50%.

All unsold tokens of the project will be distributed among the holders of the tokens for about a year after the completion of the ICO. I.e. monthly, your assets will grow at about 5%.

In the team’s plans for adding a token on such cryptocurrency exchanges as Livecoin, Yobit, Liqui, Bittrex.


ADAMANT – Russian project, so the main team of Russia. The Executive Director of the project is Pavel Evgenov, a professional Manager under whose leadership there have been many IT projects. Also Paul is the Secretary of the Youth Public Chamber of Moscow.

Among the project’s developers are certified professionals from the IT and Finance: Alexey Lebedev – head of the companies Inforesheniya and irSoftware, system architect Dmitry Solodukhin, and Maxim Pikhtovnikov – IT consultant and coach. Among the advisors to the project: venchurny investor Leonid Anisimov, investor, IT company HHI Denis Sokolov and venture investor, chief financial officer of the Collegium of advocates “Magnetar”, Andrei Medvedev.

The market of messengers now actively developing one of the promising areas in this market is security. It is on the safety bet many new and old players, however, the “ideal” solution on the market yet. From this point of view, ADAMANT looks like a very promising project.

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