The most popular Darknet-the marketplace and their crucial role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies

The most popular Darknet-the marketplace and their crucial role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies

Since then, as a thread devoted to r/darknetmarkets on Reddit has been closed, the web users of the Dark web full feel the lack of real-time information on reliable sites and vendors. Darknet-the marketplace (DNM) were pioneers in the adoption of Bitcoin and still provide one of the most tangible applications of cryptocurrencies.

It is no exaggeration to say that if not for the Darknet, and in particular the Silk Road, it is likely that Bitcoin would never have entered the global arena. At least, its adoption would be delayed for many years longer. If a man named Ross Ulbricht decided to sell psychedelic mushrooms and to accept bitcoins is unknown, would the world as we see it today.

Silk Road is long gone, but the legacy of Ross Ulbricht laid the groundwork for successors. Three of the most popular market for the Dark web has risen to the top because of the durability, range of products and generally positive reviews.

Dream Market

The oldest market, preserved in 2013 and the fact that the Dream still holds evidence of its reliability. He accepts bitcoin core, bitcoin and monero cash and boasts of 50,000 digital products and 63,000 drugs. In the “Other” you can find designer watches, retro Air Jordan sneakers for € 500, a credit card and subscribe to porn. There is also the category of “Services” where can you buy fake IDs. For 0.8 BTC, you can completely disappear from the face of the earth and “resurrect” a completely new personality.

Wall Street

We know wall street is riddled with flaws and opaque games. On the other hand, its web-based namesake much appreciated. The website claims that works with 3,000 suppliers and serves 400,000 customers, taking BTC and XMR. Wall Street doesn’t occupy such a high position as a Dream, but has more categories, including “Security and hosting”, which can be found next to the “Fraud”. It turns out that not everything that is sold on the Darknet is illegal.

Point Marketplace

Point , previously to save energy, is a Russian DNM, which runs from 2015. He has a number of innovative features including “dead drops” that allows providers to leave the goods in the place where the buyer can pick up later. The site has less uptime than Wall Street and the Dream (90% vs 97% and 98%, respectively), and in the last two days he was generally disabled.

Anyone who is considering the use of Point, Wall Street, Dream or any other darknet market, given the P2P Marketplace Open Bazaar should take precautions to preserve their anonymity. Buyers also should remember that some products can be illegal to buy in their country. Other risks include the likelihood of law enforcement actions, for example, the use of the site as a honeypot to collect information about the user, as happened with the Hansa.

For users of the cryptocurrency who have no desire to buy something on the Darknet, visit DNM serves as a kind of pilgrimage: a reminder of where does the Bitcoin. Everyone involved in the cryptocurrency space, a little indebted to Ross Ulbricht and the markets of the dark web that he has created.

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