The most arrogant statements about partnership in the history of cryptocurrency and ICO projects

The most arrogant statements about partnership in the history of cryptocurrency and ICO projects

Announcement of partnership have long been a tool for pumping altcoins and suspicious ICO. In fact, the promoters now interpretiruya the term is so common that if they use Word to write a document or Gmail to work with mail, they boldly claim that they are partners with Google and Microsoft. The most infamous project, which often expresses its “questionable” partnerships is IOTA, but two recent examples have surpassed even this project is part of the “exaggeration”.

BMW and Carvertical

German car manufacturer BMW had to publicly announce on Tuesday that he is not cooperating with the ICO project called Carvertical. The marketing of this project said that they are cooperating with the automotive company and are the “first blockchain company that brings together data about connected vehicles in a special report system vehicles.” However, BMW explained that they just use data that is available to anyone.

Instead of apologizing, the company, the company began to insist on partnership and even said that he was the victim of blackmail:

Shortly before this FUD campaign began, we were blackmailed and ordered to pay 5 million tokens CV… When we refused, started this coordinated attack… the purpose of which is the dissemination of false information.

Verge will announce a serious partnership… if investors will support the project financially

Team Verge, which recently became the victim of a hacker attack, decided to go even further, and in General did not name the potential partner. But representatives of the project said that this partnership is “the largest partnership in the sphere of cryptocurrency today!”. The only thing needed for this to happen is that investors raised 75 million pounds through Monday.

A global organization with an extensive network of sites with high traffic tends to come in on the cryptocurrency market and form a strategic business Alliance with Verge as a form of secure payment method for hundreds of millions of potential consumers. This represents a huge potential market with a global reach that will compete with multiple Fiat currencies. In order for that to happen we need to collect 75 million XVG by Monday. If our goal is reached, we will publish the name of the company on Monday 26 March 2018.

The advantage of this approach lies in the fact that the team did not make any false statements and can just blame the community that they are unable to raise enough money, they don’t even have to disclose the name of the partner, of course if he exists at all.

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