The MEGA Chrome extension can steal your Monero

The MEGA Chrome extension can steal your Monero

Extension for Chrome MEGA version 3.39.4 was hacked. With the help of it, hackers can get access to your funds in XMR, as well as other confidential information. MEGA extension improves browser performance by reducing download time of pages, and also works as a safe (now not) to the cloud storage.

In the official Twitter Monero (XMR) was published warning that the latest version of MEGA unsafe.

That extension was hacked has become known thanks to user Reddit under the nickname /gattacus:

For this extension it Chrome update and requested permission to read data on all websit. This made me suspicious, and I checked the extension code locally. It seems to me that the Google Webstore was hacked, or someone from the MEGA did. But it’s all my assumption.

At the moment the MEGA extension for Chrome is not available for download in the Chrome web store.

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