The long-awaited hardwork bitcoin SegWit2x will be held tomorrow

The long-awaited hardwork bitcoin SegWit2x will be held tomorrow

The infamous hardwork SegWit2x bitcoin (BTC) will continue December 28, 2017 on the block 501451.

This was reported on the official website of the project. Initially, the project SegWit2x that caused a lot of controversy in the bitcoin community, was planned for mid-November, but was cancelled.

Founder and developer of the project Jaap, Tarlow explained that the fork is aimed at addressing the issues related to commissions and transaction rate in the network of BTC. According to the developer until bitcoin almost impossible to use as means of payment.

Hardwork will take place. This is confirmed in the road map on the project website and by Tarlow:

“Our team will spend hardwork bitcoin, which was scheduled for mid-November.”

The founder of the project even promised that in addition to the normal practice of crediting of holders of BTC equivalent to the amount of new coins (B2X) will have “a proportional number of bitcoins Satoshi Nakamoto as a reward for their commitment to progress”.

A total of 8 exchanges have become official supporters of the fork. Project road map offers features, including support for Lightning Network, smart contracts, and anonymous transactions.

Season forks

Over the past six weeks Bitcoin Cash, another hardwork bitcoin, created in August, caused a stir in the bitcoin community. Altain showed strong growth rate, progress in the mining and investment attractiveness, which will affect the price of bitcoin.

SegWit2x still not heavily advertised. However, on the project website it is reported that the HitBTC exchange already trades futures on SegWit2x:

“Futures SegWit2x were held on certain exchanges for a long time. Among them is HitBTC”.

When he began to talk about the renewal project, the futures prices for coins B2X increased 3 times from $200 to $600. This trend remained stable until launch.

Meanwhile, in Christmas Chinese cryptocurrency investor Chandler Guo made a symbolic gift to all the holders of bitcoins and launched his version of the number one cryptocurrency – Bitcoin God (GOD).

In addition also other ppl were adding to the ecosystem in the coming weeks.

For bitcoin investors, the key attraction of new versions of the cryptocurrency or hardforce is the duplication of stocks of BTC into the new coin during each snapshot (commit) balances that will bring them “free money”.

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