The Ledger Wallet users are unable to access stored on the Bitcoin wallet Cash

The Ledger Wallet users are unable to access stored on the Bitcoin wallet Cash

According to user comments in the thread on Reddit, cryptocurrency wallet Ledger Wallet in the last two days of defective functioning. The problem is to conduct all transactions with Bitcoin Cash.

Some users have reported difficulties using the BCH in the transaction, while others don’t see your balances at all. Review from users:

“I recently withdrew all BTC, ETH and LTC with Coinbase to Nano S. All went well. Later, however, when I tried to send a BCH, the transfer went through, but the Ledger wallet balance still 0. I chose the “Main” and scanned the QT code in order to receive funds. I did something wrong? It’s been 36 hours”.

April 9 at 7:10 UTC representatives of the Ledger on the official web-site explained that your problem is related to compatibility with the “new version of Bitcoin-ABC (Bitcoin node Cash)”. Ledger explained that funds are safe and they can be accessed in case of an emergency, using software wallet Electron Cash. However, the attempts of many owners of cryptocurrency do so were not successful.

Many users complain that enough time has passed,and the problem is still not resolved. CTO Ledger Nicolas bacca tried to shed light on the events:

“The team is still looking for a solution. I’m a little watching the situation, but if invalid data is entered in our parser, you may need to re-parse whole chain, and it will take a few days. Thank you for your patience.”

The statement about Bucky, he was just monitoring the situation caused a wave of indignation among the users wallet. To reassure customers tried CEO Eric Sarcevic:

“The whole team is working on fixing the outage, which we learned back in the day … Our CTO is not responsible for the infrastructure and is therefore not closely followed this particular issue”

The latest statement from the representatives of the Ledger at the time of publication of the material:

“Our main servers are synchronized and operating. The next 12 hours we will work on the affected infrastructure to ensure that everything is fine. Once we’re sure everything is working correctly, we will apply our patches to the ledger blockchain explorer and demon BCH before to synchronize the rest of our infrastructure.”

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