The leaders of the crypto rally in January. It’s not Bitcoin and Ethereum…

The leaders of the crypto rally in January. It’s not Bitcoin and Ethereum…

January proved a difficult month for the cryptocurrency market. However, some altcoins are not lost in price and were the leaders of the crypto rally.

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fell by 30% by the beginning of January, reducing its market value in the billions. Meanwhile, the total value of all crypto-currencies had exceeded $830 billion on 7 January, and at the end of the month was below $500 billion.

However, amid a disappointing performance in the stock market, some less known tokens distinguished by good performance.So, altcoins VeChain, NEO, and Populous Stellar, dominated the list of the top 25 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation (as at 31 January).

The following are indicators VeChain, NEO and Populous.


Indicator: +146% to a Maximum of: $of 9.55 (as of 22 Jan)Price on 1 January: $2.26 and the Price at 31 January: $5,58 Rank by market capitalization: 18

In partnership with PwC and BitSE, companies from China, VeChain worked on the application of open network blockchain for revolutionizing the Internet of things (IoT) from the end of 2016. However, despite this partnership, the project has not attracted much attention amid the cryptocurrency boom in 2017. However, in December the token VeChain traded at $1, when in November – $0,20.

Perhaps such price changes associated with the rebranding project, which has attracted interest not only from investors, but from Chinese state media. VeChain (VEN), renamed in VeChain Thor (VET / THOR). Today VeChain cooperates with China national tobacco Corporation on the issue of development and implementation of blockchain-based solutions.


Index: +95%Max: $194,70 (as at 15 Jan)the Price on 1 January: $74,54 Price Jan 31: $145,76 Rating market capitalization: 7

Neo, unlike VeChain, has no corporate support, but is aimed at “building the smart economy”.

NEO is also called “Chinese Ethereum”, but it differs from Ethereum that may not be susceptible to fork.

The retail market has shown great interest in this alithinou. Launched in December 2016 and the victim because of the ban ICO in China in September 2017, NEO recovered quickly at the beginning of this year, perhaps thanks to its innovative functions.

Now that bitcoin has dropped 30% from its record high of $194,70, but despite this attracts investors.


Index: +72%Max: $75,60 (as of 29 Jan)Price on 1 January: $40,35 Price at 31 January: $69,78 Rank by market capitalization: 23

Populous, the platform for billing and trade, based on the Ethereum blockchain and claim to be the best player in the alternative lending market.

According to analitikov, token PPT increased in price over the past month due to the increased interest of the investors ‘ community to the new platform.

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