The launch of the network and EOS ends of the scale ICO to $ 4 billion

The launch of the network and EOS ends of the scale ICO to $ 4 billion

EOS has launched its own network and, at the same time, completed his ICO, which lasted almost a year, and which managed to raise a total of more than $ 4 billion.

The new network is a decentralized operating system for large-scale decentralized applications.

This is a major step in the development of the EOS, especially considering all the criticism of the project, which mainly concerns the values of the tokens, and the ability of the project to ensure effective operation of applications.

One of the critics is the Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer, who in April said that:

… People who are excited about the launch of EOS in the near future do not realize that running just means that the code will be available for use. Will not “network” that you can use, and the tokens of EOS will not be something to exchange.

At the time of transition to native tokens of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges that support the transition, has suspended work with EOS. OKEx and Bitfinex has announced that, although the deposits and withdrawals will not be available, trade will continue as usual.

Despite all the criticism, the ICO project EOS outshines all the ICO which took place prior to this, including ICO Telegram, which attracted about $ 1.7 billion.

Meanwhile, the price of the EOS, after the launch of the core network increased by nearly 10% and currently stands at about 13.5$.

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