The latest news about the cryptocurrency exchange Binance

The latest news about the cryptocurrency exchange Binance

Binance is one of the most popular and successful cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and for good reason

  • High trading volume in many cryptocurrency pairs
  • Some of the lowest commissions (0.1% of the transaction, and when using the internal token exchange Commission BNB Coin even less).
  • Stable operation and high performance (the system is able to process over a million orders per second).
  • Convenient and functional interface for experienced traders (there are different indicators and tools for technical analysis).
  • On the exchange available in a wide selection of popular pairs trade.
  • A referral program in which you can participate each registered user.

For the last days at Binance has been a lot of changes.

Japan’s financial regulator (FSA) has issued a formal warning Binance

The first thing is to tell an official warning from the Japanese financial regulator (FSA). Today, 23 March, the FSA issued an official warning to the stock exchange Binance. Based on Hong Kong legislation, the FSA asks Binance to cease to provide services to Japanese traders due to the lack of the exchange of the license. However, about any prosecution, as mentioned earlier, out of the question.

Responding to a statement by the FSA, Chanpen Zhao, CEO of Binance, confirmed receiving the warning letter and stated that the legal team conducts a dialogue with the Agency.

According to some reports, currently, the Japan exchange receives about 9 percent of their traffic.

Binance moved to Malta

The Prime Minister of Malta, publicly welcomed the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, declaring that she’s moving to the country.

March 23, Chanpen Zhao confirmed the relocation, stating officially Binance creates an office in this European country.

Discussing the relocation of the exchange to Malta, the government leader Joseph Muscat openly stated his bullish position against cryptocurrency companies:

“We aim to become world leaders in the regulation of cryptocurrency and want to create a quality jurisdiction for fintech companies are world class”

Zhao said that he was “honored” to obtain the vote of confidence.

According to Zhao Malta represents an ideal technological and regulatory environment to support Binance in the future:

“We are confident that soon we can announce a banking partnership”

Zhao added that the legislators of Malta asking for his help in securing the future of cryptocurrency in the country.

Binance launches app for macOS

Despite the huge number of benefits existed among the Binance one big problem which is highly frustrating for users. Binance was only available on PC.

Cryptocurrency traders can use either a desktop app on a PC or online service, known for its workload. There are a lot of users of Apple devices, but they could not use them when working with Binance. That is why users are asked Binance to create a version for Mac. Are pleased to announce that their dream has come true!

Yes, it’s true. 20 hours ago Binance finally launched a desktop application that is compatible with Mac computers. Macbook owners can’t get enough!

“We are pleased to announce that after several months of development and rigorous testing Binance officially launched the MAC Client for your platform on macOS. You can use the MAC Client to trade through their account on Binance, and track the movement of prices “.

This is great news for a large segment of the user base of the exchange, another plus in the Treasury of the super-popular exchanger.

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