The last attempt to “demonize” Bitcoin: a Dutch journalist has called on all immediately pour the cryptocurrency

The last attempt to “demonize” Bitcoin: a Dutch journalist has called on all immediately pour the cryptocurrency

Dutch journalist fell under the “shelling” of cryptoendoliths calls to sell bitcoin, because it is “dangerous”.

In a newspaper column of a popular newspaper, the journalist suggests that the collapse of the Bitcoin threat as there is no financial institution to the process, and he is a threat to the economy. The article provoked intense debate about whether written satire or the latest manifestation of panic.

Blame Bitcoin

According to the law, without a clear indication about the intentions of the author can be very difficult or even impossible to distinguish extremism from a parody of it. This saying is more than suitable to article Flippen Sandra (Sandra Phlippen), chief economist at Dutch news site “the Collapse of Bitcoin or why Bitcoin need to sell.”

In her column she in a sarcastic manner Bitcoin ascribes all sorts of sins, including “ducks” on money laundering and tax evasion. Sandra paid attention to the recent attack on Bitcoin of the opponents of cryptocurrencies because mining farms consume too much electricity (what can we then say about the banking industry, which absorbs much more).

Many articles on the subject published weekly. The consumption of electricity miners inflate to the scale of the environmental disaster. Aside from the inflated rates, these “kitchen intelligence” just do not understand the main thing – the price of having a fully decentralised currency, independent of the state and the government, will never be too high.

“****Your blockchain ;* * * * your cryptocurrency;* * * * your imaginary tehnoutopiya built on my burning world”

Haters will continue to hate. And the media won’t check the stories that are hidden behind climatewise headers.

So it seriously?!

Flippen ends his article with the attacks on ICO, where, in her opinion, investors are not buying nothing but “hot air”. Despite some comments to the ICO and Bitcoin can be called fair criticism of the so-called economic experts does not contribute to the solution of these problems. In any case, Flippen may mislead many of his readers, especially those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, and permanently discourage them desire to delve into this topic. Inaccurate materials from poorly informed journalists is not new for cryptoendoliths that gleefully rubbing their palms in anticipation of the long years of counter-criticism in the address of the author.

Often in these articles there is a grain of truth, but the facts are especially distorted in order to “discredit” Bitcoin. In the last 24 hours the British media have published several stories about drug dealers using ATMs for bitcoins to launder cash . They warn:

The detectives say that has come a boom in the use of digital currency criminals. They go into cafes and shops to drain the stolen money in the ATMs for the virtual currency.

The authors of these stories forget that the really serious crimes, e.g. drug trafficking, takes place entirely in Fiat currency.

The Internet is full of exaggerated fake news and trolling, reliable materials about Bitcoin as rare as Bitcoin.

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