The largest cryptocurrency exchange, Zimbabwe has reported a break-in

The largest cryptocurrency exchange, Zimbabwe has reported a break-in

The largest cryptocurrency exchange Zimbabwe Golix was attacked by hackers. Representatives of the exchange advised its customers to urgently review the safety of their accounts.

However, the exchange has assured customers that hackers are unable to withdraw funds because it generally requires two-factor authentication, however, the ability to convert funds from one cryptocurrency to another they had.

We publish the full statement from Golix:

Please note that three weeks prior to March 12, 2018, a limited number of customer accounts Golix was the victim of access by third parties. Information collected at the moment indicates that the attackers broke into e-mail users.

The result of this activity, have noted some changes in their portfolios — the existing crypto-currencies were exchanged for other, and was purchased new tokens for the balances in U.S. dollars.

This issue is a priority for us, as with all issues related to account security. Our technical team has already taken steps to prevent any withdrawal of currency from user account without a large-scale identity verification.

However, these measures also may not be enough. For additional security, we recommend that you as account holders Golix to do the following:

  • Before you log in to your account, change your password by clicking “Forgot password”,
  • Turn on two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator.
  • Change email password
  • Turn on two-factor authentication to their email
  • Do not use the same password for email and account Golix
  • If possible, use the password generator
  • Avoid accessing your accounts using unverified Internet service providers
  • Avoid using first name, last name, names of children and the like as a password
  • Try not to log into email account Golix in public places such as Internet cafes
  • Pay attention to possible phishing attacks on your e-mail address. This “attack” that fraudulently make you pass on malicious links
  • Please protect your privacy when it comes to your account Golix or your trade on the exchanges. Be very careful about spreading such information, especially in group chats in WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as in social networks

If you have any problems with your account, please contact us by email or through our social media accounts.

We remind you that from 1 October 2017 Golix — rebranding of the company BitFinance. This decision was caused by the belief of the company that “Bitcoin is not the only digital currency that will succeed.”

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