The largest cryptocurrency exchange hacked Binance. Bitcoin reacted by a sharp drop

The largest cryptocurrency exchange hacked Binance. Bitcoin reacted by a sharp drop

The price of bitcoin began to fall sharply after it became known that the largest cryptocurrency exchange hacked Binance. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency exchange said that no hacker attack was not, many of the users claim that they have the funds in altonah was sold unexpectedly for them.

Binance suspends trading

Traders are actively discussing the event on Twitter and Reddit, many of them complain that their funds in altonah was sold at the market price without their consent or notification. There are several versions of what is happening. One of them is that it is the result of a hacker attack, and the other that hacked trading bot exchange.

At the moment the stock exchange has temporarily suspended withdrawals to investigate further this issue. The representative of the company in the relevant thread on Reddit stated that:

We’re investigating the incidents associated with the means of some users. Our team is aware of the incident and are now investigating.

Binance started in September last year, but quickly became one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform takes the second place on volume of trading. And on Monday Binance managed to take first place, on this day amounted to $ 1.8 billion.

PAMP Viacoin

According to several reports in Twitter and Reddit, trading bot Binance may have been hacked to support PAMP Viacoin (VIA), a little-known cryptocurrency, which has risen in price by more than 250%. At the time of this writing, Viacoin is currently trading at $ 3,70, (an increase of almost 50%). Trading volumes this Aldona increased to 194 million U.S. dollars.

Trading bot is a special program that deals with sales and purchases on behalf of the trader, when there are necessary conditions for the execution of the order.

According to CoinMarketCap, after the news, bitcoin fell by 11%, reaching a low at 9,692.$ 12. And the total cryptocurrency market capitalization fell by almost $ 50 billion in just 40 minutes.

A few minutes ago Executive Director of Binance on his Twitter account stated that “all funds are safe. Unusual trading activity stepped up security. Some accounts have been compromised. We’re still investigating the incident.”:

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