The Korean investor has exchanged their bitcoins, worth 2.3 million euros on a pile of counterfeit bills

The Korean investor has exchanged their bitcoins, worth 2.3 million euros on a pile of counterfeit bills

The hapless investor from South Korea turned out to be a victim of fraud. Reportedly, the victim during the transaction exchanged their bitcoins, worth 2.3 million euros in counterfeit cash. The deception was discovered immediately, but only after the victim was found in a pile of fake banknotes new banknotes of 500 euros.

The fact that the 500 Euro banknote is quite difficult to find in our time on-site Ersouza. From 2016, the bill was gradually withdrawn from circulation by decree of the European Central Bank and replaced videosevennine €100 and €20. The abolition of the biggest Euro banknotes explained by the fight against the financing of terrorist activities and illegal employment.

As shown by the described case, such action was not taken in vain. The South Korean investor, whose name has been kept secret, met with the citizen of Serbia in July this year to sell their bitcoins. The meeting was held at the hotel in nice, France. As soon as the man found a fresh print on the printer 500-Ki, he immediately informed the police about the incident. Soon the Serbian scammer has been arrested in Cannes, where he lived in a luxury hotel. At the time of arrest on the man’s hand flashed a new watch, worth € 100,000.

Apparently, these two meetings discussed a potential investment in a company, so the crook and managed to get the deal done with fake money. Serb accused of fraud and involvement in organized criminal networks, said attorney Gerard pod.

The moral of the story is the fraud of Fiat money has reached colossal proportions. Blame the ongoing issue of new banknotes. In developing countries this problem is even more acute, because counterfeit operations are controlled by hostile governments to destabilize the economy.

This is another reason for the popularity of cryptocurrency. You cannot copy a Bitcoin. A network of thousands of nodes checks for each transaction, so fake tokens no chance to exist.

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