The Irish lottery jackpot is 1000 bitcoins

The Irish lottery jackpot is 1000 bitcoins

Gibraltar company established Lottoland jackpot 1,000 BTC for the last lottery in Ireland.

Due to the incredible growth of bitcoin had gotten in the headlines throughout the year, it is not surprising that the company Lottoland will hold a lottery in Ireland with jackpot in bitcoins. In the past, the cryptocurrency is already used in the gambling sector, but paying in bitcoins on the Irish lottery Lottoland will be the most prominent use case of bitcoin to date.

All or nothing

According to an announcement Lottoland, a lottery will be held every day except Sunday and the jackpot is 1000 bitcoins worth around 14.2 million euros. The format of the lottery will be familiar to the Irish, because it is held in a similar format to the existing Irish lottery. To win, players simply need to choose six numbers from 1 to 49 with the probability of winning 14 million to 1.

The Manager of the Irish branch of the Lottoland Graham Ross said:

“Bitcoin is a global phenomenon, and Lottoland gives its customers the opportunity to engage in a higher League.”

Bitcoin itself is a gamble

The acquisition of bitcoins for 3,50 Euro per week probably more profitable than a waste of € 3.50 every week for a lottery with odds of 14 million to 1!

Gibraltar company online lottery Lottoland, which entered the Irish market in March this year, now seized upon what is called the bitcoin-mania, to promote the new lottery. As the price of bitcoin hovering around recent record 20,000, investors are wondering how can grow the value of technology based on the blockchain. Amid warnings about bubbles and fraud possession of bitcoin in itself is a risky game.

The first draw will take place at 20:30 on Sunday evening to attend will need to pay 3,50 euros.

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