The history of the logo and Binance a new tattoo exchange CEO

The history of the logo and Binance a new tattoo exchange CEO

In a recent blog post on Medium Binance, CEO exchange, Chanpen Zhao told his story about the new tattoo that he and his friends did last week.

After meeting friends in Singapore, among whom was one of the founders of Coinmarketcap, CZ began to discuss a tattoo with BTC from one of his friends on the hand. After that, the evening quickly turned into an active discussion and then a full session of tattoos, everyone put the logos of Binance on my hands.

“I was honored to make my first tattoo with Luke and Gareth. It’s crazy, even by my standards,” writes Zhao.

In addition, the CEO Binance shared the story of the creation of the logo of the exchange, briefly outlining the main sequence of solutions and ideas inherent in the brand name.

The history of the logo Binance

Sixteen months ago, when he developed the logo Binance, the team tried a lot of different options and wanted to present a balanced reflection of the idea of applications for buying and selling cryptocurrency tied to two squares.

In the beginning was two of the square, facing each other and it looked too much like a figure 8. While this number is lucky in Chinese culture, the option is simply not liked and the designer had to make a few different variations, after which it became apparent that two of the diagonal of the square intersect each other looks quite good.

Then came a series of some of the improvements and it was decided to place the resulting image on an imaginary game Board that symbolizes a place where are carried out all orders. The result was a logo Binance, the name of which the word stands for Binance = Binary Finance.

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