The herd instinct In the cryptocurrency community are increasingly demanding to delist Tether

The herd instinct In the cryptocurrency community are increasingly demanding to delist Tether

Last week I Tether, there is serious problems. The exchange Bitfinex had a shortage of $ 850 million. To make up for losses, the exchange has taken a loan from the Issuer’s first stablein Tether, however, to secure the loan Bitfinex use stock. It at least means that the Tether can no longer be backed by the US dollar in the ratio 1:1. Attorney General of new York accused Bitfinex and parent company Tether iFinex in the fraud. In the end the situation gradually turned into a open call to delisting stablon with Binance and other kryptomere.

Problem with USDT start

The grain is sown. Everything is in the hands of journalists who can really whip up the crowd to raise Tether “on the fork”. By the way, Swiss cryptocurrency exchange IQFinex already delistyle Tether and even managed to replace USDT other steilcoom USDC. Oils in fire have added and CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong.

“As partial security Tether was confirmed, I sincerely hope that soon the industry will witness the emergence of more reliable stablon.”

Given the wave of discontent and possible future “era delisting” Tesera, the community is wondering about the reasons of silence Canina Zhao. He most recently played for delisting Bitcoin SV and even cleaned the coin with Binance.

It seems that this behavior Campana is just fine. After all, Binance and its CEO quite influential names in cryptosuite, but the essence of cryptocurrency is decentralization. They were originally intended to any single person or group of persons could not influence the fate of the ecosystem.

Moreover, if you look at the big picture, it is possible to exclude the guilt Tether. In fact the money was, but was blocked in one of the banks. And at last took up arms against the government, which did not accept the existence of a decentralized and uncontrollable monetary system.

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