The hashtag #DeleteCoinbase gaining popularity

The hashtag #DeleteCoinbase gaining popularity

The hashtag #DeleteCoinbase becoming more popular because users unhappy with the recent decisions of the exchange. An even greater number of hashtags in social networks appeared after the statement by Coinbase on the acquisition of Neutrino.

According to Thenextweb, Coinbase is expected that the Neutrino technology will help make bitcoin “more secure and affordable” and will provide tracking illegal activities.

However, this statement was interpreted the opposite way — several well-known analysts, for example, Arjun Balaji, said that many members of team Neutrino are actually the former leaders of the Hacking Team.

For those of you not familiar with this organization, Hacking Team is cybergroup that sells “spy software for penetration and observation”, it is used by law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies of various States.

Regardless of the review, the data Coinbase on this issue, they are not convinced.

Not only this acquisition is the reason for the rejection, resulting in the creation of #DeleteCoinbase. It is believed that the catalyst was the recent change in “method of storage”, which was held by the court.

At the moment it is unclear how many users in this “movement” have deleted or deactivated their account on Coinbase.

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