The hacker stole over $150,000 in the Ethereum ICO participants Experty

The hacker stole over $150,000 in the Ethereum ICO participants Experty

The hacker deceived participants Experty ICO, forcing you to send your coins Ethereum to the wrong wallet address. Users Experty subscribed to notifications has been sent an email with a fake ad about pre-ICO.

Experty prepares the system for VoIP calls based on the blockchain where users are paid cryptocurrency instead of Fiat currency. VoIP is a technology that consists in the fact that phone calls are handled in an IP data network, which may be the Internet or a private internal network of the organization. One of the main advantages of VoIP is the possibility of reducing costs as the calls are processed by the network data transmission is faster than telephone company’s network.

ICO was supposed to help the company raise funds in Ethereum to create this service. The interest in this project was quite high and the resource took it to the top 10 projects in the ICO 2018.

On January 26 and 27 users Experty began to receive e-mails announcing the pre-sale of tokens Experty (EXY) in ICO. To participate in the project, users had to send money to Ethereum wallet specified in the letter.

The letter was a fake, because in fact the ICO Experty was scheduled for January 31. This ad was sent to a team Experty, and hacker.

As it turned out, the Ethereum wallet address in the email is not associated with the team Experty, which previously announced the launch of the sale of its token only through the service Bitcoin Suisse.

As a result, the address fraudulent Ethereum wallet was transferred cryptocurrency Ethereum in the amount of $150,000. There had been 71 transactions. Since the hacker used not a single e-wallet, it is likely that users have lost much more money than reported. Experty and Bitcoin Suisse is now warning users not to send money to this wallet.

The email addresses of users who have subscribed to notifications Experty ICO, was confidential. According to statements Experty and Bitcoin Suisse, a hacker was able to get the list of emails, compromised employee’s computer company.

In Experty said that every customer who is in the database, the company will receive 100 tokens EXY (worth $120). Users that sent the coins on Ethereum wallet hacker will not be able to recover their money and will not receive compensation for the losses due to free tokens EXY.

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