The Greek court made the decision to extradite Alexander winnick

The Greek court made the decision to extradite Alexander winnick

According to local news Agency CNN Greece, Greek court ruled to extradite the alleged former operator of the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, Alexander winnick France.

Alexander winnick was charged by US authorities for fraud and money laundering. We are talking about 4 billion dollars in bitcoins.

Greek lawyer Ilias winnik spillages confirmed the Russian news Agency TASS that “the court granted the request of France for the extradition of winnik”. Spillages also announced that it intends to appeal the court’s decision in the Supreme court of Greece.

According to CNN, Greece, Sam Vinnik challenged the decision of the Greek court on the results of France, denying the allegations of the French authorities in fraud against more than 100 people in six cities of France between 2016 and 2018. Vinnik States that he “was engaged in the transfer of electronic money through the platform”, considering it “legal”transaction.

Counsel winnick, Spillages assured the Russian BBC that the extradition to France would lead to further extradition to the US, because “otherwise, the United States will not be able to because the extradition process has been blocked”.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia July 13, made a comment in response to these events, accusing the Greek authorities that they “continue to complicate relations with Russia.” The Ministry of foreign Affairs claims that Russia’s request for extradition winnik had to be given priority over the French, and concluded that “it is obvious that Russia cannot leave these steps unanswered.”

25 July 2017 Vinnik were arrested by the Greek police at the request of the U.S. Department of justice. Followed by the closure of the largest cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, which allegedly belonged to and were controlled by Winnick.

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