The former CEO of PayPal: Bitcoin useless and ridiculous cult

The former CEO of PayPal: Bitcoin useless and ridiculous cult

Ex-Director of PayPal, bill Harris has never hidden his negative feelings when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in General. In late April, for example, he said that Bitcoin is nothing more than a Scam.

It’s time for a new portion of the negative from the bill, which he brought down on the heads of the cryptocurrency community during his recent appearances on CNBC Fast Money. This time bill Harris said that Bitcoin will continue to fall because “there is no value”:

“The cult of Bitcoin has made lots of statements he allegedly instantaneous, scalable, efficient, secure and accepted at the global level. Nothing of the sort!”

Early bill have already referred to the flagship cryptocurrency as a tremendous “pump and dump”, which is equal in scale not previously observed.

On Tuesday, he reasoned opinion, stating that the value of Bitcoin will continue to decline until it “ultimately the maximum is not close to zero.”

“We already have digital currencies that are more stable, more widely accepted and have intrinsic value. We are all already there — it’s called the dollar, yen, Euro,” said Harris.

The founder of Personal Capital Corporation, and former CEO of PayPal, bill Harris refers to the slow Bitcoin transaction, in his problems of scale and volatility, which “render it useless as a payment mechanism and as funny as a repository of values”.

The truth is, Bitcoin will always attract criticism from those, like bill Harris, but show us a traded asset, which is not exposed at least someone’s criticism. Surprises only that bill, with his business acumen and 20 years of experience in silicon valley, venture capital and FinTech, being so negative towards cryptocurrencies.

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