The forecast for BTC/USD from 30.10.2018. The price reached 2-week low

The forecast for BTC/USD from 30.10.2018. The price reached 2-week low

Key cryptocurrency demonstrates the lack of forces to fight the pressure, continuing after a slight consolidation the slide.

Yesterday was made the lower limit for the last two weeks. Added pressure news from Canada: exchange MapleChange suffered from hacker attacks, resulting in many users lost their wallets various amount of cryptocoins which included a bitcoin and some altcoins. MapleChange promised to do everything to return the funds, but apparently, bitcoin and Lydon to restore it. Despite the insignificance of the loss, by itself, a security issue has been periodically manifested in this way, an extremely negative impact on the exchange rate of bitcoin.

No added positive news report about the catastrophic decline of the proceeds from the Japanese stock exchange Coincheck. Third-quarter revenue fell by 66%, and in absolute terms, from $8.4 million to $2.8 million. In January, the Japanese regulator has banned to make money on the stock exchange due to the fact that this exchange could not prevent a hacker attack. As a result, we observe such a rapid decline in profitability.

Technical analysis of the 6520 was the threshold where there was some support, but it was eventually pushed through and the course was down to 6330. Barring a turnaround and will be passed the mark of 6200, then we should expect 5900. Otherwise, the bitcoin can rise to the 6520, and in case of overcoming this strap, the following may be an indicator of 6650, and perhaps even the 6800.

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