The forecast for BTC/USD from 23.10.2018. The price of bitcoin dropped

The forecast for BTC/USD from 23.10.2018. The price of bitcoin dropped

Today, the main currency “relieved” descended in a range from 6200 to 6650.

Around this same time came the announcement that the Task force EC is embarking on the formation of new rules that are scheduled to be complete until summer 2019. Among other things, will be detailed the process of compulsory licensing exchanges (observing the laws of the jurisdiction in which the exchange was) engaged in trade cryptocurrencies. Also more clearly defined methods of analysis and oversight of legal. persons involved in the supply of the virtual services. State agencies that control the legitimacy of turnover virtual assets will be granted advanced manual on how to implement these functions.

The Chairman of the Bank of Japan questioned the advisability of the issuance of the Bank’s cryptocurrency, arguing that the fact that, in his opinion, today the cryptocurrency yet to have a significant positive impact on monetary policy.

One of the members of the Board of Directors Genesis Global Trading, Michael Moreau, the fall of the market explains that at the moment is covering long positions. However, he does not agree with the opinion that this drop is caused by the game on the decrease in the number of institutional and private bidders. Moreau agreed to also give your prediction on bitcoin exchange rate. The increase to $10,000 for 1 bitcoin these numbers are called the specialist.

Now bitcoin has stabilised slightly below the level of 6650. On the basis of technical analysis, we can assume that in case of overcoming this limit, the bitcoin will pass on up to the 7150. Otherwise it is likely to further decline to 6200, after a possible short-term correction, and then creeping down to 5900.

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