The first Telegram is testing a service for its blockchain-a platform for hundreds of millions of people

The first Telegram is testing a service for its blockchain-a platform for hundreds of millions of people

Telegram created the first service for my future blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) and test it behind closed doors. We are talking about Telegram Passport, which will allow to identify the identity of a user of Telegram. All necessary documents and data you will need once download in messenger, then via Telegram instantly share their services and partner to use their services inside Telegram, and the primary sites services. According to unconfirmed reports Telegram Passport can start working by summer.

That Telegram is going to create a blockchain-based platform TON, became known in January. In fact, this is the project messenger has attracted investors of $1.7 billion.

“You will see a whole new economy, filled with goods and services, which can be paid to be using the cryptocurrency”, — described the new platform Telegram. In the ecosystem of the TON will be everything from the content to various services, goods and services. Inside TON will appeal cryptocurrency, called Gram. She will be the main currency of the domestic economy Telegram. It will be hundreds of millions of people around the world.”

Telegram Passport will allow you to get away from the anonymity of cryptocurrency payments, so worried about now regulators around the world, explains Alexander Filatov, partner at SP Capital, an investment and consulting company, which itself invested in a TON, and the Telegram also helped to attract other investors. It is planned that by the time of the release of a new service it is possible to use the services of several partners. Who are you negotiating with is still unknown. Access to technology has already received the payment system Qiwi.

Telegram Passport will be able to collect the passport, passport, driver’s license, utility bills, information on Bank accounts and other documents, as well as a photo of the user. This is stated on the closed page of the website

Access to personal data transmitted Telegram and copies of documents will be only the user, they will be password-encrypted two-factor authentication and the messenger will have access to them. The service will receive this data only when the user confirms the consent to transfer them, according to the closed site page According to close to the messenger of human services-partners, to receive and decrypt the original data to verify them in accordance with their standards.Closest rivals Telegram Passport is a Mature system that allows you to log into other sites via Google, Facebook, Windows Live, etc. Telegram will be able to get around them, providing greater privacy and safety of data — this will be a reputational advantage.However, in the global market, Telegram already strong competition. China’s WeChat messenger has already implemented remittances between users and the platform for embedded services on WeChat and is now testing the digital ID using face recognition technology – more advanced to confirm the identity than checking documents.Working in this direction and Apple c Face ID, and other tech giants. The state is also moving to verification by biometrics. For them, these technologies — the issue of digital sovereignty, and without building relationships with States Telegram at high risk to remain without licences for those kinds of services, where local law already requires biometric verification or require it in the future.

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