The first member of Congress who owns the cryptocurrency. Which one is it invested?

The first member of Congress who owns the cryptocurrency. Which one is it invested?

As reported Sludge, Chairman of the judiciary Committee of the U.S. house of representatives became the first member of Congress, who said that he owns the cryptocurrency.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) reported that in his annual Declaration of income that he owns digital currency in the amount of 17.000 to 80.000 USD. Gullatt filed may 10, a month before the ethics Committee of the United States issued new rules under which Congress is obliged to inform on savings in bitcoin.

Under the new rules, all members of the house of representatives shall declare their assets cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency on the assets of their spouses cost more than $ 1000 and to report on cryptocurrency transactions in the amount equal to or greater than $ 1,000 within 45 days.

Bob Goodlatte mainly invested in bitcoin, as well as in Ethereum (ETH) and Cash (BCH).

Son Goodlatte, Bobby Goodlett Jr. is an investor / angel in the company Coinbase, but it is unclear when and how much he invested in the company.

For some lawmakers in the U.S. Congress, cryptocurrencies are subject to suspicion or outright derision. At the hearing this spring, a representative of California, Sherman reached that called the cryptocurrency “criminal”. In his view, their sole purpose is “assistance to terrorists and criminals around the world.”

Although some regulators and lawmakers have called for tighter rules in respect of digital currencies among members of Congress there are some who are supporters of the industry. For example, Congressman Jared Polis known for creating the Congressional Future Caucus, a group that aims to further expansion and development of the blockchain technology and the promotion of a balanced regulatory approach to cryptocurrency.

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