The FBI is investigating 130 cases related to cryptocurrencies

The FBI is investigating 130 cases related to cryptocurrencies

According to Bloomberg, the Federal Bureau of investigation United States (FBI) currently holds 130 different studies related to cryptocurrency.

Special agent FBI Supervisory Kyle Armstrong said at the conference Crypto Evolved in new York that the Agency is investigating a variety of crimes including human trafficking, drugs, kidnapping and extortion, which are somehow related with cryptocurrencies.

In addition, recently there has been a surge in the number of crimes related to the cryptocurrency, he said. Most of these crimes are connected with drugs. According to the FBI, about 10 percent of drug users worldwide buy medication online illegal digital markets.

In some parts of the U.S. also, an increase in crimes related to extortion, when using cryptocurrencies.

Armstrong said that unlike the crimes associated with cash, permanence and transparency of the blockchain makes it easier to track transactions. On the other hand, anonymity or pseudo anonymity of cryptocurrency often hinder the investigation of crime with cryptocurrencies.

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